Line of Descent

Identify Your Direct Line to Hugh Calkin!

Y-DNA Project. Calkins men—join the Y-DNA project! For males with a direct blood line back to Hugh. Sorry ladies, you need a Y-chromosome.Y-DNA is the sex chromosome “Y” that is passed from a father to his sons only. Women do not receive a Y chromosome.

Testing the Y chromosome allows for investigation into a male's paternal family line and can help identify surname lines, living relatives whose Y chromosome is similar to yours. It can even show ancient migration routes your paternal ancestors may have taken.As more cousins join the project we may be able to differentiate more between various branches/sons/grandsons of Hugh.

The kit to purchase is the one at Family Tree DNA labeled Y-37 'A Good Start'. You can upgrade later as needed. Contact Keith for more info on which kit to buy and how to join in the project once you’ve had your DNA tested.

Email him at [email protected].Join the Calkins Y-DNA project. We currently have 75 participants. Here is the link to the Calkins Y-DNA project.